Gender Equity and Social Inclusion

Gender Equity and Social Inclusion (GESI) is a cornerstone of our mission to accelerate the transition to a green, fair and inclusive economy.  

Our commitment to an equitable and inclusive transition is a guiding principle that shapes our strategy, policies and the partner initiatives we support. It's about creating a future where progress and prosperity are accessible to everyone. 


GESI is about understanding and valuing the diverse perspectives and needs of people from various backgrounds. Factors like race, sexual orientation, gender, age, caste, and other social, physical, and psychological characteristics should not predetermine life outcomes.


Together with our partners, we work to understand and address the needs and demands of traditionally marginalised communities, ensuring industry transitions leave no one behind.

Safeguarding policy and minimum standards

Safeguarding our partners and vulnerable communities

We are committed to maintaining safety and preventing harm to anyone we work with, either directly or through our partners. This encompasses safeguarding against all forms of physical, sexual, emotional, psychological, spiritual, cultural, verbal, or economic abuse or exploitation.

Our Safeguarding Policy and Minimum Safeguarding Standards lay out clear guidelines for maintaining safety, while also actively focusing on prevention strategies. We ensure our partners have access to both technical advice and funding, supporting them in implementing proactive measures and building robust safeguarding frameworks.

GESI lens across the grant cycle 

We work to embed Gender Equity and Social Inclusion (GESI) in our grant cycle and processes. For example, we use proposal templates that help us and partners reflect and understand GESI implications, carry out GESI-considerate due diligence processes, and establish trust-based collaborations with our partners. In this way, equity and inclusion is further incorporated into our work. 

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Strengthening partners

Strengthening partners

Beyond Grantmaking

We are committed to strengthening the GESI skills and knowledge of our partners. Our Learning Fund and non-financial advice are key in this effort, offering support for integrating GESI principles into initiatives through targeted research, strategy development, and capacity-building opportunities. 


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