Becoming a partner

We’re committed to supporting brave and bold action that inspires and challenges industry to advance a green, fair and inclusive economy.

We award grants to organisations with transformative ideas and scalable solutions with the aim of achieving the greatest impact in our global economic system.

Here are four simple steps to help you navigate the partnership process with Laudes Foundation.  


Explore our work and eligibility criteria

Before contacting a member of Laudes Foundation’s team, please review our focus areas and eligibility criteria on our programme pages and Theory of Change. 

Make sure your project aligns with our mission and priorities before using the contact form to submit a grant inquiry.


Contact form submission

Submit your details through our contact form if your work aligns with our mission, programme areas and Theory of Change. 

Our team reviews all grant requests regularly and will be in touch. 


Submit a proposal

If we invite you to submit a proposal, complete a light proposal for grants under EUR 100,000 or a full proposal for anything above EUR 100,000. 

Full proposals require a detailed description of your initiative, an activity-based budget, a Gantt chart, and a Rubrics framework. Proposal templates can be completed in any language. 

Fill out the application form if invited to propose a grant. Please use the contact form initially, as indicated in step two.


Approval process 

Grants up to EUR 500,000 are reviewed by our Management Team. For amounts between EUR 250,000 and and less than EUR 500,000, we also consult two external experts.  

Grants of EUR 500,000 or more require the approval of our Investment Committee.


Start of partnership

Upon approval, we will sign a grant agreement outlining the grant activities, intended outcomes, general terms and conditions as well as the reporting and disbursement schedule.

After signature of the grant agreement, the partner will receive access to our Partner Portal.

Proposal forms

Once you have completed our contact form and have been invited to submit a light or full proposal, you can complete the relevant proposal below. Please don’t submit a proposal until you have spoken to us.  

Templates to download

  • Proposal light

    docx - 144 kb

  • Full Proposal

    docx - 162 kb

  • Optional budget template

    xlsx - 134 kb

Requirements and guidelines

  • Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) Minimum Requirements

    pdf - 1.82 mb

  • Learning Report Guidelines

    docx - 535 kb


Our interactive Theory of Change illustrates how our interventions contribute to short and long-term changes.
Theory of Change


We work with partners to measure beyond numbers and understand how their work is contributing to systems change.