Beyond grantmaking

We work collaboratively with partners, providing financial and non-financial support to strengthen their skills, evolve their networks and build their organisations’ capabilities.


Supporting learning and knowledge sharing

The Learning Fund supports organisational strengthening by creating opportunities to encourage collective learning for greater impact.

Partners can access additional funding to support collective learning and knowledge-sharing opportunities, such as field visits or hosting Gender Equity and Social Inclusion (GESI) training


Providing short-term tailored advice

In collaboration with Nonprofit Builder, we provide personalised, short-term consultancy support to partners. Partners can work with consultants in different languages and on topics such as communication campaigns, learning systems or safeguarding policies, to address emergent organisational capacity needs. 


Additional support

To help our partners preserve their ability to operate and thrive, we support them with designing and implementing responses to organisational wellbeing challenges, and provide swift and flexible assistance in case of significant security, economic, and health risks that impact their ability to operate. 


“We expanded to become Open Supply Hub 18 months ahead of our projected strategic timeline. While we've been thrilled at the speed of our growth and the scale of impact, it was essential to ensure organisational and governance support were in place when scaling this quickly. This is where Laudes Foundation's non-financial support, through Nonprofit Builder, was invaluable, as it enabled us to tap into the expertise of skilled practitioners to ensure the sustainable growth of our organisation.”

Natalie Grillon, Executive Director, Open Supply Hub

“Laudes Foundation has played an important role in supporting our organisational development over the years. Recently, its support has helped us invest in our team's wellbeing by fostering connection, collaboration, and strategic alignment across our growing international team during an impactful week together."



Bart Vollaard, Executive Director, Organic Cotton Accelerator (OCA)

Gender Equity and Social Inclusion

We cannot have a positive global impact at the intersection of climate and inequality if we do not enforce a gender equity and social inclusion (GESI) approach, both within our organisation and in the initiatives we support. In 2022, we engaged consultants to help strengthen our partners’ safeguarding frameworks and provide technical support on how to embed GESI within their own programmes.

Gender equity and social inclusion

Two women at a table using tablet devices in front of a large window wall looking out onto a neighbouring high rise glass building