A unique position

Launched in 2020, Laudes Foundation is here to challenge and inspire industry to harness its power for good. As part of the Brenninkmeijer family enterprise, we build on six generations of entrepreneurship and philanthropy and stand alongside the COFRA businesses and the family’s other private philanthropic activities.

Although independent from these organisations, we are in a unique position to learn from each of them. In particular, Laudes Foundation is advancing the industry-changing work of C&A Foundation, and is building on the experience of its flagship initiative Fashion for Good by continuing its fashion work and expanding its scope to include other industries.

An important moment

Human ingenuity and industry have lifted millions out of poverty and brought unparalleled wealth and growth. But today, the world stands at a juncture. If we carry on our current path of production and consumption, we not only endanger nature but we imperil the safety and dignity of countless communities around the world.

Humanity must change course - and has the means to do so. Together, we can work to apply this same ingenuity and industry to new ends: to redefine value beyond shareholder interests alone, and to re-engineer how we grow and distribute wealth for the good of all people and nature.

A time to act

Laudes Foundation is joining the growing movement to accelerate a transition to climate-positive and inclusive economy.

Our vision is necessarily ambitious. We envision global markets that value all people and respect nature. An economy in which industries uplift all who participate in them, and regenerate and restore nature as a fundamental part of what they do.

Our method is resolutely practical. We support brave action that harnesses industry’s power for good. Action that inspires industry, working collaboratively to create solutions and tools. And action that challenges industry, holding it to account and incentivising change.

Our global team

Meet our diverse team of passionate professionals working towards a collective vision of a just and regenerative economy.

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Global Internal Communications Manager


We are a new, independent foundation joining the movement that is responding to the dual crises of climate change and inequality by supportive brave, innovative efforts that inspire and challenge industry to harness its power for good. 

Laudes Foundation provides our partners with philanthropic capital, expertise and connections. We work collectively with and through specific industries to help catalyse systems change. At the same time, we influence those working in the global financial system to redirect the flow of capital to ensure investment encourages good business practices. 
We work with businesses, shareholders, investors, workers and producers to create a new definition of value beyond shareholder value alone. This means rallying thought leaders and academics to make that definition credible; supporting civil society to make it plausible; mobilising media and movement-builders to make it desirable; influencing policymakers to make it effective; engaging financiers to make it feasible; and empowering citizens to make it beneficial. 

We champion transparency, equity and diversity, innovation, and collaboration, and we both learn from our peers and partners and share our insights and knowledge widely.

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