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Cause for Optimism with World Resources Institute

Laudes Foundation partners with World Resources Institute to catalyse change in the food industry through the Coolfood pledge, and, in turn, speed up the transition for people, nature and climate. We hear from Anne Bordier, Director of Food Initiatives, what drives her work in making the food industry a sustainable, inclusive and healthy system. 


Our food system contributes significantly to greenhouse gas emissions, accounting for a substantial one-third of the total, which makes change complex. Shifting diets away from excessive consumption of animal-sourced food towards plants is one of the levers required to make change happen. It’s not just good for climate and nature; it’s better for people’s health, too!
Having always worked in the food industry, I’ve become increasingly aware of the challenges the food system faces and the urgent need to evolve the production and consumption of food. It’s a privilege to spend my time finding practical solutions to make this huge industry more sustainable, with an exceptionally committed team of colleagues and partners.
Since Coolfood’s launch in 2019, the industry has made great headway with lower-carbon options despite the cost-of-living crisis and the pandemic. The early adopters of the Coolfood Pledge have demonstrated a 10% per plate GHG emission reduction through 2022. But the pace of change needs to continue if we are to meet our climate goals. 
We need to see more proactive leadership from businesses and governments to change the way they procure and serve food. Through Coolfood, we are very lucky to work with some of the world’s most progressive companies and cities that intentionally change their food offers to shift demand. And we need many more to follow their lead.
Coolfood exists to make it easier for millions of people every day to access healthier and more sustainable meals. Shifting demand towards low-carbon, plant-based food is not only good for the climate, it’s healthier, delicious, and beneficial for business too.


About Anne Bordier

Anne has spent all her career in the food industry, working in diverse roles across market research, consultancy, training, coalition building, and program management.

She’s spent a large part of her career at IGD, a not-for-profit organization which works in partnership with UK food and consumer goods businesses to drive positive change. This has enabled her to gain a deep understanding of how the food system operates and the challenges it faces.

At WRI, Anne leads a team of researchers, communication and engagement experts who work with a wide range food providers and food sector stakeholders to embed a “target, measure, act” approach to reduce food loss and waste and to shift diets towards lower carbon and healthier food. This includes initiatives such as the Champions 12.3 Coalition to halve food waste by 2030, and Coolfood, a movement for delicious climate action in the food service sector. 

An agricultural engineer by training, Anne holds an MSc in marketing and product management from Cranfield University in the UK.

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    By Anne Bordier