21 November 2021 News Finance and Capital Markets

Developmental Evaluation of Laudes Foundation’s Strategy

Laudes Foundation is commissioning a developmental evaluation of its five-year strategy. Complete proposals must be submitted by 15 December 2021 to Lee Alexander Risby, Director of Effective Philanthropy (l.risby@laudesfoundation.org) and Ms. Savi Mull, Senior Evaluation Manager, Laudes Foundation (s.mull@laudesfoundation.org).

For more details download the full terms of reference.

I. Introduction Laudes Foundation (hereafter ‘the foundation’) is an independent foundation and part of the Brenninkmeijer family enterprise. Launched in 2020 to address the climate and inequality crises working with and through the finance, fashion and built environment industries. The foundation builds on the six generations of entrepreneurship and philanthropy and stands next to the COFRA businesses and the family’s other private philanthropic activities, including Porticus, Good Energies, and Argidius Foundations.

The foundation is commissioning a developmental evaluation (hereafter ‘the evaluation’) to provide regular actionable and critical feedback and learning about the effectiveness of its strategy1. Learning will feed into the foundation annual adaptation cycle. The evaluation will cover the full duration of the Laudes Foundation strategy (which started in January 2021) through till December 2025. 

The request for proposals presents a brief description of Laudes Foundation’s strategy and our work; the purpose, objectives and scope; guiding questions; methodology; roles and responsibilities; developmental evaluation process; stakeholder engagement; consultant requirements and level of effort.