Emergency COVID-19 plan to ease pressure on partners


Laudes Foundation has launched an emergency response plan to support our current partners cope with the unprecedented uncertainty and disruption caused by the global COVID-19 pandemic.  

The plan includes a boost to the foundation’s current Emergency Fund, as well as greater flexibility in our partnerships, and increased non-financial support and technical assistance. 

Leslie Johnston, Laudes Foundation CEO, said: “We know our partners are struggling to cope with the overwhelming day-to-day challenges of continuing their frontline efforts, while also looking after the wellbeing of their employees, families, and of the communities they serve. Their work is so vital to workers and farmers and to civil society at large, so we hope with these measures we can give them much-needed support they need.”  

Laudes Foundation partners will be able to apply for emergency funding to cover their running operating expenses or costs incurred due to the COVID crisis, like cancelling events or setting up infrastructure to support remote working. The funding can also be used to provide necessities like food and health materials to beneficiaries. 

The plan also introduces greater flexibility to existing grants, allowing partners to focus on responding to the immediate emergency. Partners will be able to extend Programme deadlines and adjust reporting schedules, milestones and obligations.  

This greater flexibility comes with an increased offer of non-financial assistance and technical support, which will be coordinated by the foundation’s Effective Philanthropy team, and will focus on coaching, crisis management and strategy review, as well as tools and technical support. 

As a signal of our commitment, Laudes Foundation has joined over 550 philanthropic organisations in signing the Council on Foundation’s Philanthropy Commitment. During COVID-19. In doing so, we pledge to support partners through the coming weeks and months with both financial and non-financial assistance.   

“As we deal with this virus in our communities and in our organisations, it has never been clearer how interconnected and interdependent we all are,” said Leslie. “Many of our partners work with some of the most vulnerable in society and, as we’ve seen already, these are the people who carry the heaviest burden in times of crisis. With this plan, we hope to support our partners through this crisis and enable them to continue their critical work.”