Head of Equity and Social Inclusion


About the organisations

About Laudes Foundation
Laudes Foundation is a new, independent foundation joining the movement that is responding to the dual crises of climate change and inequality by supportive brave, innovative efforts that inspire and challenge industry to harness its power for good.

Laudes provides its partners with philanthropic capital, expertise and connections. It works collectively with and through specific industries to help catalyse systems change. At the same time, it influences those working in the global financial system to redirect the flow of capital to ensure investment encourages good business practices.
The Foundation works with businesses, shareholders, investors, workers and producers to create a new definition of value beyond shareholder value alone. This means rallying thought leaders and academics to make that definition credible; supporting civil society to make it plausible; mobilising media and movement-builders to make it desirable; influencing policymakers to make it effective; engaging financiers to make it feasible; and empowering citizens to make it beneficial.
It champions transparency, equity and diversity, innovation, and collaboration, and learns from its peers and partners while sharing its insights and knowledge widely.  

About Porticus
Porticus works towards a just and sustainable future where human dignity can flourish. Through its partnerships in education, society, faith and climate it enables changemakers to create societies and systems that work for everyone. It strives to understand the complexities of the systems it seeks to change, assessing where it can make the most impact and engaging the skills and knowledge of broad coalitions of local and global partners to tackle the root causes of problems. Porticus professionals develop and manage grants and programmes in more than 90 countries. Lasting solutions aren’t achieved quickly or lightly, but Porticus believes that together, it can make a fairer, more sustainable world a reality.

What you'll do

This cross-foundation function will provide leadership and guidance to ensure all programming across both Laudes and Porticus Foundations incorporates a gender, equity and social inclusion (GESI) lens and delivers toward desired goals and outcomes addressing equity and equality.  The Head of Equity and Social Inclusion will also play an advisory role across the foundations in fostering and supporting an inclusive workplace culture.

The Head of Equity and Social Inclusion will:  
  • Lead institutional and programmatic assessments of GESI integration, benchmark and set appropriate goals across the foundations;
  • Champion, develop and oversee implementation of GESI-integrated approach across grant-making programmes, and ensure progress toward those goals; 
  • Create collaborative learning and growth opportunities for management and programmatic teams across the foundations to deepen their knowledge and ability to integrate GESI meaningfully into operations; 
  • Develop and manage the GESI cross-foundation unit to provide appropriate advice and support to the foundations and partners; 
    • Manage a dedicated budget for GESI partner capacity building and related investments 
  • Act as an ambassador internally and externally for GESI. Maintain relations with other philanthropies, coalitions, and multilateral organisations to ensure mutual learning and exchange of evidence and best practices and lessons;
  • Provide leadership and expert guidance on the implementation of safeguarding to prevent sexual exploitation and abuse (PSEA) in programmatic operations and partners, working alongside Designated Safeguarding Officers (DSOs) for foundations;
  • Assist and advise management and internal staff committees or resource groups in fostering an inclusive and diverse workplace culture across the foundations. 

The position will report to Directors of Effective Philanthropy in Laudes and Porticus Foundations, and also work closely with Directors of Programmes and senior management.

Key responsibilities

Vision. Implement and continuously refine a compelling practical vision for how the organisations can further develop, accelerate and sustain a GESI ‘lens’ in all their work 

Strategy. Develop a strategic approach to comprehensive integration of GESI across philanthropic work, consistent with and embedded within Effective Philanthropy (EP) strategy but also responsive to  individual programmatic strategies, defining clear objectives, priorities and choices that will make GESI owned and ‘everyone’s responsibility and business.’ 

Operationalising GESI in Grant-Making. Working with operations and programmatic teams, ensure that staff have sufficient capacity to integrate GESI considerations across grant-making portfolios and specific programmes from design through to evaluation. This will include advising on GESI assessment work on current and new major workstreams, and providing review and guidance on concept notes, proposals, workplans and monitoring and evaluation. Oversee any GESI specific grants (up to and including development of gender-justice grant-making for Porticus), including partner relations, supervision, monitoring and evaluation, and as needed, advise other programmatic grants with a strong GESI component.

Partner Capacity Building. Facilitate capacity building initiatives working through and with programmatic staff to engage and support partner organizations’ efforts to improve GESI and DEI practices. As appropriate and necessary develop and manage cross-programmatic grants to enable partner to partner exchange of (best) practice. 

Safeguarding. Deliver or facilitate safeguards training and peer learning for programmatic staff and partners.  Advise programmatic staff, in particular DSOs on safeguarding best practices. Maintain relationships with experts in field for continuous learning. 

Learning. Develop and implement learning opportunities for staff, including 1 on 1 advisory or coaching, workshops, directed study and peer-to-peer opportunities. Commission and disseminate findings from ‘learning grants’ intended to build knowledge of gender and social inclusion across thematic programmes.  Develop and support learning opportunities at all-staff retreats / offsites.  

Representation. Act as an ambassador and critical thinker in relevant governance bodies of the foundations, and externally to build the credibility and leadership of the foundations on GESI. Maintain relations and interact with other philanthropic organisations, NGOs and multilateral organisations to ensure mutual learning and exchange of evidence and lessons.

Financial management. Manage the budget for GESI in pursuant of operationalising GESI, building and maintaining capacities of staff and partners. 

People management. Responsibility for direct-line management of the GESI programme manager(s).

What you've done

You will have:
  • A track record of strong practical experience in philanthropy or international development working directly on gender and social inclusion integration, with demonstrated expertise in design, implementation and evaluation of initiatives;
  • Demonstrated knowledge of systems approaches to strategic portfolio design and management;
  • Demonstrated knowledge of PSEA safeguarding best practices
  • People management experience and excellent communication skills, especially active, deep listening, with experience in facilitation and presentation; able to productively engage and influence people at all levels within an organization; 
  • Substantial project management experience, with the ability to develop and execute capacity building initiatives with partner organizations
  • Proven successful experience working in a variety of contexts and communities with the ability to interact authentically, thoughtfully, and appropriately with a wide array of people; cross-cultural competence; a strong track record of working across the lines of race, gender, ability, class, and culture, as well as other differences
  • Credibility and experience to connect the foundation to external thought partners who can share insights on leading-edge GESI practices
  • Excellent English-language written and oral communications skills together with exceptional attention to detail and a proven capacity to translate information into big ideas and actionable plans;
  • A willingness to be flexible and roll up one’s sleeves to execute tactics, in addition to being highly strategic.

Additional information

  • Geographic scope: Global
  • Salary range: EURO 75.000 – EURO 95.000 gross annually
  • Travel expectations: Up to 20% (candidates should be able to travel freely without any restrictions)
  • Budget responsibility: Yes
  • Direct reports: 2

Application process
To minimize the effect of biases throughout the recruitment process, we encourage candidates to apply with an anonymized cv. Please upload  your cv without personal data, names of universities and previous employers via our website before August 31, 2021 and answer the screening questions. If you are selected for the next round, we kindly ask you to make a written assignment. After this step we will start the interview process, which consists of 2 (possibly 3) rounds of interviews.

Laudes Foundation is committed to recruiting and retaining a diverse team.  We strongly encourage applications from candidates with disabilities, LGBTQI candidates, women, ethnic, racial and religious minorities, and other underrepresented groups.