InfluenceMap and Laudes Foundation to accelerate climate policy in the EU

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  • InfluenceMap and Laudes Foundation seal a four-year, EUR 1.9m partnership to help accelerate ambitious climate policy in the EU.    
  • InfluenceMap tracks and monitors corporate climate lobbying (both positive and negative), using pioneering analytics and ranking of companies and industry associations on their climate policy engagement.
  • Through the partnership, InfluenceMap will scale its work on corporate lobbying, and collaborate with corporate leaders, NGOs and other groups to increase positive climate policy engagement.


LONDON, UK – 01.04.2021 – Laudes Foundation today announced a four-year partnership focusing on climate policy engagement with lobbying platform InfluenceMap.

The urgency of keeping below 1.5°C of warming requires unprecedented, global policy interventions. Corporate interests, however, can hamper legislative efforts as seen recently in the example of the EU Emissions Trading Scheme, which was significantly watered down after corporate lobbying efforts.

Since 2015, InfluenceMap has been empowering investors, corporations, the media and campaigners with objective, innovative and data-driven analysis on the systemic blockages to climate progress, helping them to engage more positively on climate policy. 

“Since the eve of the Paris Agreement, InfluenceMap has been tracking and analysing corporate lobbying on climate, helping to expose the powerful forces that are working behind-the-scenes to undermine much-needed policy ambition” says Dylan Tanner, Executive Director of InfluenceMap. “With each step forward, we know there will be some powerful corporate voices trying to water-down policy ambition.  Never has this work been more important than now”. 

Through the four-year, EUR 1.9 million partnership with Laudes Foundation, InfluenceMap will scale its work on corporate lobbying, create analyses and drive engagement around key pieces of EU climate-related policy. These include the EU Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS), Renewable and Energy Efficiency Directives (EED and RES), road transport regulations, the Circular Economy Action Plan, the EU’s Industrial Strategy, and the EU strategy on sustainable finance. InfluenceMap will also support policy reforms related to transparency, which will tip the scales in favour of positive lobbying practices.

“Climate-related policy dialogues in the EU are at a make-or-break moment. We have to deliver the ambitions set out in the European Green Deal, but we will only succeed if we are able to push back on the forces working against it,” says Kelly Clark, Director of Finance and Capital Market Transformation at Laudes Foundation. “InfluenceMap is pivotal to making this happen,” she adds.

The partnership will support InfluenceMap to deliver:

  1. Accelerated positive climate policy engagement from corporates, industry associations and other influential players such as unions;
  2. Reduction and reform of negative climate policy engagement activities from companies and industry associations;
  3. Reforms to EU transparency regulations on lobbying;
  4. Working with powerful partners in finance, NGOs, the media and the corporate sector, help drive progressive outcomes for key climate/energy policy streams


About Laudes Foundation

Laudes Foundation is an independent foundation joining the growing movement to accelerate the transition to a climate-positive and inclusive global economy. Responding to the dual crises of climate breakdown and inequality, Laudes supports brave action that inspires and challenges industry to harness its power for good. Part of the Brenninkmeijer family enterprise, Laudes builds on six generations of entrepreneurship and philanthropy, working collaboratively to both influence finance and capital markets and transform industry with a focus on the built environment and fashion. For more information visit

About InfluenceMap

InfluenceMap is a London-based think tank providing data driven analysis to investors, corporations and the media on issues related to energy and climate change. Their metrics for measuring corporate influence over climate policy are in use by investors, including the global Climate Action 100+ investor engagement process. Their content has been covered widely in global media and is used by campaign groups.

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Stephanie Klotz
Sr Brand & Communications Manager, Laudes Foundation

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