Food Exploration update

In our exploration we are finding that funders are increasingly collaborating to look at food systems transformation. In light of this, Laudes is seeding the Collaborative Initiative on Food and Agriculture (CIFA). This is being set up by Climate Works Foundation as a global collaborative by and for philanthropic funders working at the intersection of food and climate. 

CIFA aims to build and power the field needed to achieve the potential of food for people, nature, and climate. In addition, Laudes Foundation’s partner, Global Alliance for the Future of Food, released interesting research highlighting the need for more climate finance to be channeled into food systems transformation:

“Food systems receive only 3% of public climate finance, despite accounting for one-third of all global emissions. If the global community wants to meet the 1.5°C target, climate finance needs to fund food systems transformation. Even if we halt all non-food-systems-related emissions immediately, emissions from global food systems alone would likely exceed the emissions limit required to keep global warming below 1.5°C in the next 40 years”

Untapped Opportunities: Climate Financing for Food Systems Transformation - Global Alliance for the Future of Food