Terms of Reference for setting up a Monitoring, Learning and Evaluation System - B Team


“Executing The B Team Strategy”
Laudes Foundation seeks a consultant to support the design of monitoring and learning tools and related processes with The B Team. Complete proposals must be submitted by 03 May 2021. For more details download the full terms of reference. 


Laudes Foundation is an independent foundation and part of the Brenninkmeijer family enterprise. Launched in 2020, we build on the six generations of entrepreneurship and philanthropy and stand next to the COFRA businesses and the family’s other private philanthropic activities, including Porticus, Good Energies Foundation and Argidius Foundation. Although independent from them, we learn from their past and present experiences. In particular, Laudes Foundation will advance the industry-changing work of C&A Foundation.

This initiative (The B Team) is funded as part of Laudes Foundation’s finance and capital market transformation (FCMT) programme. 

The terms of reference presents a brief description of the initiative; scope and objectives of the Measurement, Evaluation and Learning (MEL) system; methodology; stakeholder involvement; roles and responsibilities; process; deliverables; audience and dissemination; consultant qualifications.

Roles and responsabilities

The assignment is expected to enable Laudes Foundation and The B Team to make sense of results and learning to overcome the challenges surrounding shaping new narratives, driving corporate commitments and advocating for progressive governmental policy. The assignment will involve: 

  • helping to develop The B Team to develop and strengthen their existing MEL processes and procedures;
  • developing learning questions and practices with The B Team;
  • reflecting on and testing the theory of change with The B Team; 
  • pulling out relevant learnings from process through feedback learning mechanism; and
  • setting up adaptation cycles based upon learning.

The assignment will support the development of a framework and processes for monitoring and learning that are appropriate for the context within which The B Team operates and can be implemented by The B Team, and importantly will address learning questions that arise regarding their work.

Design: considering The B Team addresses issues that are not easily measured or tracked, like policy change, narrative change, or system change, it is suggested that the monitoring and learning framework and processes be based on the rubrics system or a similar model most appropriate to The B Team -  and assess how evidence can be generated. The MEL system should be utilisation focused, complexity aware and not burdensome.

The MEL design, including the feedback learning mechanism and the learning questions will be co-designed with The B Team.

Process: The consultant will review the initiative documents (including any current reports), conduct interviews with relevant B-Team staff and Laudes Foundation staff, suggest a utilization-focused MEL design that focuses on how outcomes will be captured and how feedback learning mechanism is established.

In addition to this, the consultant team will use the Laudes Foundation rubric and rating system to set up the MEL system for The B Team’s grant from Laudes Foundation and also define the contextual difficulty in which it is situated. The rubrics will be selected in consultation with the Effective Philanthropy team at the foundation (after May 2021).

Consultant Requirements

Applicants may be an individual consultant, a group of individual consultants with a designated team lead. Applicants must have at a minimum the following qualifications:

  • Experience in setting up measurement, evaluation and learning frameworks to a high standard;
  • Experience in organisational capacity development
  • Demonstrated experience in narrative and system change measurement and learning approaches
  • Knowledge of movement building and industry action, specifically in Europe
  • Strong facilitation skills and proven ability to lead participatory processes
  • No conflict of interest with Laudes Foundation or The B Team

Please submit the following to Anna Watt (a.watt@laudesfoundation.org) by end of business CEST, 03 May 2021.