Laudes Foundation is seeking an evaluation team for a final evaluation of "Make Fashion Circular"


Laudes Foundation seeks an Evaluation Team for undertaking an end-of-initiative evaluation of the partnership with Ellen MacArthur Foundation from 2017-2021. Complete proposals must be submitted by 15 March 2021. For more details download the full terms of reference. 

Applicants may be individual consultant, a group of individual consultants with a designated team lead, or consulting companies with relevant evaluation expertise. Applicants must have at a minimum the following qualifications:

Applicants must have at a minimum the following qualifications:

  • Substantial experience in conducting evaluations of a high standard, including using contribution analysis and outcome harvesting.
  • Proven experience in assessing innovative and systems change approaches;
  • Knowledge of circular economy, circular fashion is an advantage;
  • Programmatic / strategic evaluation experience to inform further development of operations related to field building;
  • Additional experience is expected in:
    • Methods for evaluating systems change and collaborative initiatives;
    • Theory-based evaluation designs;
    • Application of rubric-based evaluative criteria
    • Qualitative methods;
  • Strong facilitation skills and proven ability to lead participatory processes;
  • Fluency in English (spoken and written) is essential; and
  • No conflict of interest with Laudes Foundation and Ellen MacArthur Foundation

Please submit completed proposals to the Director of Effective Philanthropy - Lee Alexander Risby -