Term of Reference for Market Research & Analysis


Laudes Foundation invites organisations/consultants to conduct market-based research and analysis on synthetics, their feedstock, their applications and alternatives to support us in understanding the global synthetic fibre market better within mainly the fashion industry as well as other major industries. Complete proposals must be submitted by 5.30pm IST on 31 March 2020. Download the term of reference for more details.


Laudes Foundation is an independent foundation here to advance the transition to a just and regenerative economy. We do this by supporting brave action that will inspire and challenge industry to harness its power for good. Action that inspires industry, to work collaboratively to create solutions and tools. And action that challenges industry, holding it to account and incentivizing change.

Founded in 2020, Laudes Foundation is part of the Brenninkmeijer family enterprise and builds on six generations of entrepreneurship and philanthropy. In particular, we advance the industry- changing work of C&A Foundation. Laudes Foundation, in taking forward the work of C&A Foundation over the past few years under its fashion vertical, is now working persistently and collaboratively to influence capital and transform industry, with materials and sustainability in the global material mix as a core focus of its fashion vertical.

Research indicates that petroleum-based synthetic fibres such as virgin polyester, nylon, acrylic, elastane and other synthetics have grown in the past few decades to take up the largest share in the global material mix. Recent studies indicate that polyester by itself makes up for more than 50% of the global material mix, followed by cotton, and other natural and man-made fibres. As a foundation that aims to address the convergence of the global crises of climate breakdown and inequality, the scope of the foundation’s work is being expanded in materials from cotton and viscose to also include virgin polyester and synthetics and their alternatives due to the socio-economic and environmental impacts of fibres like polyester and other synthetics. Laudes Foundation is hence looking to understand the global synthetic fibre market better within the fashion and other major industries.

The terms of reference present a brief description of the expected outcomes of the study, the scope; and key questions, deliverables, consultant qualifications, and the projected level of effort.

The market research & analysis is required to be completed and submitted to Laudes Foundation by 6 May 2020.